Practical Compliance

Marietta Memorial Hospital Employee Benefit Plan v. DaVita

Supreme Court allows Reduced Reimbursement Rates for Outpatient Dialysis On June 21, 2022, the Supreme Court handed down a decision in Marietta Memorial Hospital Employee Benefit Plan v. DaVita.  Justice Kavanaugh, writing for the 7-2 majority, held that the Medicare Secondary Payer rules do not prevent an employee benefit plan from limiting reimbursements for outpatient […]
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Employer Clinic Compliance Issues

An employer clinic (sometimes referred to as onsite or worksite clinics) historically provided care to employees for on-the-job accidents and first aid.  Now, many employers see onsite clinics as a way to reduce healthcare spending, increase productivity, and provide a desirable benefit to employees.  Establishing an onsite clinic may have several positive effects, but the […]
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