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Due to the ever changing landscape of benefits laws and increasing costs, the group insurance marketplace has evolved into a complicated and expensive system, leaving brokers, employers, and employees confused, frustrated and overwhelmed.

Employers are now finding it more difficult to evaluate and oversee employee benefit offerings and for the most part are unsure about everything they need to do. They can’t afford to keep paying increased premiums and are running out of ways to shift costs.

Brokers are often overwhelmed with the complexity of health benefits and the lack of clear answers. They are not fully staffed to provide employers and employees with all the guidance and support that they now need.

Employees wellness plans have become increasing strident while financial results remain suspect and elusive. An actuarial perspective based on science combined with appropriate nursing intervention can offer a common sense and cost effective approach not otherwise available.

In this current environment, employers and their advisors increasingly need to deploy specialists to navigate the myriad of compliance laws and actuarial analyses requirements to achieve financial success and avoid the pitfalls of the changing landscape. Contribution Health can be that resource to provide the guidance needed to achieve success.

Our health plan actuarial and compliance experts work with licensed producers and brokers, human resources consultants, and third party administrators as their behind-the-scenes subject matter experts providing compliance and actuarial services.

Under this model, our services can be used to support client or business needs much as a traditional consultant; or, make us part of the overall team working directly with clients in a branded arrangement where we closely integrate with the service staff.